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Content Community Developer



Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Why do we exist?

Codility unlocks the world’s engineering potential.

Who are we?

Codility is the #1 rated technical hiring platform. Our mission is to enable engineering teams to make accurate and fair hiring decisions efficiently. Codility is partnering with innovative companies to help them build and grow diverse, high-performing engineering teams through our CodeCheck platform to screen candidate skills; CodeLive to host technical interviews; and CodeEvent for campus recruitment and hackathons.

Why Codility needs you

We’re expanding our product suite to be an end-to-end engineering talent platform and have an amazing opportunity to further establish ourselves as leaders in the space, and we need strong advocates like you to help us get there. By joining Codility, you will have the unique opportunity to impact the HR tech stacks of high growth to enterprise companies and drive a new shift in how world-class engineering teams are built. Today, Codility powers 1,200+ businesses in 67 countries, and has evaluated over 13 million engineers and counting.

In order to do this, we are hiring engineers for our content community!

The Task Creators Community is a group of external developers, proficient in various technologies and programming languages, who cooperate with us on the process of delivering new content to help best assess over 10 million developers worldwide. Their code has a direct impact on making the hiring process unbiased and sets the industry bar for coding standards! Here at Codility, members of our Community create our content (real-life tasks), and are crucial to how we support our clients.

As we grow into 2023, the demand for tasks in a host of languages and tools increases, and we are looking to grow our community to help us further our assessment capability.

The community is a key pillar of our platform capabilities with 161 members on board currently!

Last year, they contributed the following:

  • 103 new real-life tasks and Multiple Choice Question Tests released
  • Attending Codility’s engineering summit last year, joining us for a week of strategic planning in person
  • Helping us build new, more efficient, processes for Task Creating
  • A dedicated process for Tech-Support by Creators
  • Our very first Community meet-up!

Why join our Community?

Aside from helping define software engineering standards worldwide to make fairer, bias-free hiring decisions, we have created the content community to work as a flexible, paid opportunity to work on code in your own time.

Our process is backed by research and focuses on maximizing task quality while also respecting and optimizing your time and effort as a creator. We’ve tailored the process so that tasks are developed sequentially, like building blocks. This way, we can give feedback and make adjustments as we go. This iteration is designed to help you avoid spending unnecessary time and effort in creating tasks and in turn create a feedback loop in which we can also share our expertise in testing stages.

We pay you for any contributions pushed into production 2,100 PLN per task (avg. hour estimate is 10-15 hours).

Alongside this, you will have access to our community. Iit has been a vivid network since its creation, and we plan to give back to you with meet-ups, 1:1’s, career advice, and product engineering offsite participation, The task creators family is a flexible, socially connected team of superstars who really help drive the state of tech interviewing forward!

How we behave

We're human. Our diversity and unique experience make us strong. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable and treat one another with grace. We take ownership. We expect one another to take initiative and trust each person to make decisions based on the best available data. We have passion, perseverance and urgency to hit our goals and work together to create the best outcomes. We think big. We innovate and challenge the status quo to maximise the value we deliver to our users. We constantly experiment with new ways to drive excellence. We're real. We are honest with ourselves and one another. We listen, speak up, and are ready to change our minds.


At Codility, we know that great work isn’t done without a phenomenal team. We are always looking to hire the absolute best talent and recognize that diversity in our experiences and backgrounds is what makes us stronger. We insist on an inclusive culture where everyone feels safe to contribute and help us innovate. We hire candidates of any race, color, ancestry, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital or family status, disability, or veteran status. These differences are what enable us to work towards the future we envision for ourselves, our product, our customers, and our world.