Solutions Engineer

Posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Solutions Engineer

Location: Paris, France
Team: Product team
Job type: Full time

This role

Your primary role will be to build for users to ensure they’re successful and in doing help create a unique and tight-knit community of Dust builders. This role requires a deep understanding of our customers' needs, strong coding skills, the technical aspects of our software, and a relentless commitment to user success.
Your goal will be to provide Dust’s users with the engineering resources, the product creativity, and the technical expertise that can help them optimally use our product.
You will be instrumental in ensuring our users' success by unlocking and then sharing advanced use cases, especially those leveraging Dust’s Developer platform and API.


Feedback Loop and Product iteration:
Capture and distill user feedback, driving continuous improvement of our offerings. Identify areas where Dust can drive greater efficiency.
Identify product opportunities based on a unique understanding of users’ needs.
Build on these opportunities quickly without requiring full engineering cycles. Participate in the continuous product development efforts of the team.
User Success:
Communicate Dust’s value proposition to technical audiences (engineers, product managers, security and IT managers) via content, demos, etc...
Provide hands-on assistance to users setting up and customizing Dust for their internal workflows.
Identify and highlight successful use cases for Dust. Craft content that set users up for success, enabling the to maximise the value Dust for their teams. Lead workshops and training sessions to demonstrate advanced features.
Improve the onboarding experience on Dust including how users navigate security and compliance questions, but also how they discover Dust’s capabilities. This will include instructional materials and documentation to empower users.


A passion for technology, problem-solving, and helping users succeed.
Experience as a software engineer and product development skills. This role is for developers who like to talk to users or PMs who know how to code.
Excellent communication skills, capable of simplifying complex technical information for diverse audiences and generating engaging content to present it.
Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to achieve shared goals. You will work with everybody at Dust.
A data-driven and product-oriented mindset that can interpret customer feedback and behavior and spot product development opportunities.
Familiarity with LLMs like GPT-4, Claude, Mistral or Gemini.
We encourage applicants who may not meet all the requirements but are passionate about the space Dust operates in and are eager to make a difference with users to apply.

Compensation and Benefits

The annual salary for this role typically ranges from €50,000 to €100,000.
If you decide to join us, your total compensation package will be refined during the course of your interview process, in line with the level of craft and impact we expect you to bring to Dust. We’ll remain transparent with you about this throughout the hiring process to avoid any misalignment, and you should always feel free to ask any questions you have on the topic.

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