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Posted on Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Founding frontend engineer

Job Posted
October 24, 2023 12:45 PM
£55k - £85k
Not started
We’re building the future of workflow automation with the power of LLMs. Our team is small and you will be one of our first full time hires. We’re looking for a frontend engineer who is passionate about great user experience and design. This is an opportunity to shape our product from the ground up. You will work primarily on the frontend (NextJS, Typescript). However, as we are an early stage team, you will be required to jump into other parts of the stack when needed.

What you will do

Architect the frontend: we want to move fast but set ourselves up for the future. You will make opinionated decisions on concepts like state management. You will also need to strike the right balance between speed and composability (for example, building out a component library).
Think outside the box: we believe in learning quickly by meeting users where they are. We expect to ship many experiments across different channels (web apps, Chrome Extensions and web widgets). You will need to think outside the box to enable automation that was not possible before and do so with a great user experience.
Implement great design: We believe great design and UX is a shared responsibility. We will need you to implement designs shared via Figma. More importantly, we will be looking to you to provide feedback on designs and suggest elements (animations, transitions etc) that we might not have thought of.

You are the right fit if you are…

✔️ Passionate about design and a great user experience
✔️ Well versed or interested in working with large language models
✔️ Enjoy thinking about problems like state management and performance challenges
✔️ Someone who enjoys working with NextJS and Typescript
✔️ Open to dabbling in the backend from time to time (Python, Go)
✔️ Someone who enjoys autonomy, moving fast and operating with uncertainty

You are not the right fit if…

👎🏽 You want to manage a team. Whilst you will have the opportunity to set best practices and mentor other hires in the future, we are unlikely to have reporting lines for some time.
👎🏽 You are very particular about the part of the codebase you work in. We’ll make sure you spend most of your time on the frontend, but we’ll often need you to step into other areas.
👎🏽 You want a predictable roadmap with clear structure like a PM. For an early stage startup, it’s hard (and probably bad) to have a very predictable roadmap.


Working at a startup: We believe the biggest benefit of our working at a startup is the culture. If you haven’t already, please take a look at our principles.
Equity: We offer a generous equity package for all members of our founding team.
Annual offsite: We will organise an (optional) annual offsite for the whole team to get together.
Flexible working: We trust you to work from wherever you are and during whatever hours suit you. We will ask you to be available between 2 PM- 5 PM UK time for regular meetings.

How to Apply

Email your CV to with the name of this job in the title. Feel free to include links to any projects you’ve worked on.