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Senior Frontend Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Senior Frontend Engineer


Rayon’s mission

Rayon is building the next generation of architectural design software. More collaborative, simpler, smarter and more beautiful.
The design of building and spaces has a huge impact on our lives. Climate change, affordable housing, sustainable urbanization, future of work : all of these challenges will require us to design a better and more efficient built environment.
But, whereas architectural design is by essence a collaborative endeavor, the tools currently used by architects and designers are not made for collaboration and sharing knowledge. They are complex, they are expensive and they are stuck in an era pre-internet with desktop computers as their paradigm.
We are building a browser based collaborative real time multiplayer editor in order to democratize architectural design and empower designers to create more efficient spaces and buildings.

Who are we ?

We are a small team of 10 people passionate about web technology, architecture and the built environment. First and foremost we love building amazing tools for creators.
Rayon was co-founded in october 2021 by Bastien Dolla, an engineer (Polytechnique & Ponts et chaussées) with 15 years of experience in tech and real estate, and Stanislas Chaillou, an engineer and an architect (EPFL & Harvard) with a background in ML research applied to architecture. Both have published research papers on AI algorithms applied to architectural design (for example here, here and here) and have already been co-founder or early employees of previous high growth startups at the crossroads of tech and real estate (,
Rayon is backed by world class Investors (Seedcamp, 20VC, Foundamental, Kima) and amazing business Angels such as Ralph Gootee, co-founder of plangrid (acq. by Autodesk), Joe Thomas co-founder and CEO of Loom , Thibaud Elziere founder of eFounders, Nicolas Steegmann co-founder of Stupeflix, Riggs Kubiak founder of Honest buildings (acq. Procore), Jonathan Widawski founder & CEO of Maze.
Rayon is currently in private Beta with industry leaders such as wojo, colonies and more. We plan to open full access to Rayon in June 2023.
Rayon is a french company based in Paris. We are open to remote positions in timezones close to the European Central Time.

What you will be doing

As Rayon first senior frontend engineer, you will :
Work closely with the head of engineering and product team to improve and extend Rayon web application
Be in charge of parts of the Rayon web application interface coded in React.
Create and maintain Rayon design system in collaboration with our product designer and our other front-end engineers.
Continuously improve Rayon client app high performance and quality

What are we looking for ?

These points are here to give you an idea of what we think would be a good fit for the job. They are not hard requirements. If you do not fit them perfectly but feel like you would do the job well, do not hesitate to contact us !
First and foremost a passion for creating tools for creator with the highest quality and performance
A love for beautiful and carefully crafted interfaces
The ability and the desire to continually learn new things and improve
3+ years experience in frontend engineering. A direct experience in the creation of a real time multiplayer tool or a web design tool is a bonus.
very good knowledge of Typescript, React, CSS and web browser technology. Knowledge of Xstate is a bonus. Experience in webassembly and rust is a bonus.
A prior startup experience is recommended
Interest or past experience with architectural or interior design projects is a bonus

Why should you join Rayon ?

Help create a product that has the potential to profoundly change for the best how our built environment is designed and that can help spread architectural knowledge throughout the world.
Be part of a small team of passionate members whose culture puts the highest value on design and engineering craftmanship.
Work on state of the art technology (wasm, rust) and solve fascinating problems (computational geometry, computer graphics, real time data sync, machine learning applied to design…)
Competitive compensation and significant equity upside as one of Rayon first team members

What’s our process ?

Send an email at (even if you’re afraid your profile does not perfectly fit, do it anyway !)
We’ll do a first 30 min call to get to know each other
We’ll then do a more technical interview, where we can explore some of your personal projects or work on a problem together. This will also be the opportunity for you to quizz us on rayon’s stack
A longer call (if possible IRL) with both co-founders to talk about vision and company culture
That’s it. You’ll get an offer if it’s a fit !