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Recurse ML

Recurse ML

Posted on Friday, July 5, 2024

Founding Engineer (London)

May 17, 2024 11:13 AM

Our Mission 🚀

We want to enable software engineers to spend more time solving hard problems and less time performing mundane codebase maintenance tasks. That’s why we are building ML tools that automate mundane software engineering tasks, starting with dependency upgrades, in large codebases. Think, turning a story into a submitted PR.
Our product is an on-prem K8s service that interacts with client’s Git repo. It consists of a mix of ML and old-school algorithmic components for analyzing build logs, navigating large (100K+ files) codebases, and editing source code. This will save thousands of engineering hours spent on dependency upgrades, enabling engineers to build new features and solve hard problems during that time instead.
We’re looking for an Founding Engineer to join us on our journey! You’ll primarily work directly with the CTO, and as we grow, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between building and technical leadership.

About you 😎

You’ll have technical freedom to choose the highest impact tasks based on business context; that’s the “founding” part in Founding Engineer. That being said here are some projects you might choose to work on:
Package our tool for on-prem K8s deployment.
Design and build the front-end interface for Cerebral.
Create LLM-agents to automatically identify and edit problematic files in monorepos with 100K+ source files.
Fine-tune LLMs on Java code.
Build and lead a world-class team of software engineers.

What we are looking for 🧐

Note: we hire for strengths rather than weaknesses. We’re happy to consider an outstanding candidate in one area, who might have some skill-gaps.
We are looking for a Senior Python programmer to join as a Founding Engineer. By “Senior”, we mean someone with an exceptional track record of projects and shipped products.
Nice-to-haves (we expect a successful candidate to have 1-2 of these):
Experience in NLP/ML using pytorch and huggingface.
Experience building devtools.
Front-end JS programming experience.

Hiring Process📋

If this resonates with your interests and experience, please shoot me an email (jack@recurse.ml) describing what aspect of Recurse excites you and include your CV or a url to your LinkedIn/Github.
Bonus points if you mention your favourite paper/blogpost.
Our hiring process consists of 3 steps:
Technical interview
Behavioural interview
[optional] Beers 🍻