Senior Technical Account Manager



IT, Sales & Business Development
United States · Remote
Posted on Friday, March 1, 2024

We use state-of-art AI plus intuitive UI to eliminate useless paperwork and make the whole world go faster. Each company wants to customize and integrate Rossum in their workflow, which means a well designed and adopted solution is the key to customer success.

In practice, this often means the design of seamless document workflows: into, out of, and inside the Rossum app. Solutioning through data extraction problems using Rossum’s AI admin stack, and finally apply Rossum modular extension environment.

As a Technical Account Manager, your job is to understand customers' business and technical needs and lead them through all technical challenges all the way to their success.

Depth of hard skills and organized and clear communication are the main determining factors of seniority in this role.

About you

We are all geeks and hackers who like to engineer beautiful systems, all the way to Rossum’s CEO. For this role we're looking for a technician at heart with a knack for communication. You will fit right in if:

  • You are a problem solver with hands-on technical background

      • You like to familiarize yourself with a problem by tweaking and breaking

      • You have hands-on experience with other SaaS products (API, integration, configuration, customization)

  • Hard skills of value (not mandatory but significantly increase fit)

  • Python, Javascript or any other programming language, SQL, HTTP requests and API, Integration platforms, AWS, GIT, Tableau

  • You enjoy working with customers on technical challenges

    • You like going an extra mile and exceed customers' expectations

    • You answer questions customers didn't know they wanted answered

    • You are attuned to customers' sense of urgency and importance

  • You know how to deliver a clear, structured and convincing presentation about your vision for the account and your plan to get there.

  • You understand best practices of project management and are able to coordinate and communicate short, mid, and long-term projects with multiple parties involved

  • You know how to communicate your designs and ideas in a clear and descriptive manner, so the customer's team can understand and follow your recommendations.

  • You know just what questions to ask the customers to reveal the pain points and their true source.

  • You are UX sensitive. When designing workflows and training customers' team you put yourself in their shoes and look for ways to simplify their work.

  • You are honest and bullshit-free. You base your opinions on data, but don’t cling to it in the face of good arguments.

What you will do

  • You'll be customers' main technical contact throughout their contract. You'll be the main driver of customers' onboarding from workflow design, account configuration, end-user training, pre-live testing.

  • You'll be responsible for project management of more complex customer projects where multiple parties of different skillsets and needs collaborate on single setup.

  • You'll cooperate with members of Customer Success and Sales in order to deliver great customer experience both on the technical and commercial side.

  • You'll consult with the Rossum product team on continuous improvement of the Rossum platform and you'll advocate customers' views.

Your bread and butter will be tweaking and configuring the customer’s account in order to achieve a great user experience. To do so, you'll have many power tools at your disposal. One of such tools is the Calculations extension, which introduces basic arithmetic operations for the data Rossum AI captured.

What you will not do

  • This role is purely about the value and success of the customer, all commercial aspects of the account management will be handled by dedicated business people.