Senior Backend Engineer (Python)



Software Engineering
Prague, Czechia
Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2024

At Rossum, we’re driven by a mission: to leverage cutting-edge AI technology and an intuitive UI to eliminate needless paperwork, ultimately contributing to a better world. By revolutionizing document processing through innovative AI and technology, we stand at the forefront of transformative change. Already, hundreds of companies rely on our product to automate data extraction and streamline communication processes.

If you are a senior software engineer looking to join a company with a strong sense of purpose, and committed to tackling real-world challenges, then this is the ideal opportunity for you.

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About the team

By joining Rossum you will become a member of a team of 11 passionate Engineers, who work following the Pipedrive agile framework. We implement new features and improvements on focused missions without distraction or interruptions. When not on a mission, we take care of the maintenance and support of the services we built in a Launchpad team.

We are all geeks and hackers who like to engineer beautiful and reliable systems, all the way to Rossum’s CEO. We are constantly questioning and iterating on how we develop, deploy, and operate the software. We are pragmatic in choices while willing to make big bets.

Our Tech Stack:

Rossum is a highly tech-savvy product; therefore, experience or at least familiarity with the following stack is a significant advantage. This is what your team will be working with, and you will eventually touch all of it.

  • Most of our services are written in Flask or FastAPI. We’re also utilizing AWS Lambdas, and internal framework where it makes sense

  • For communication between components we are using RabbitMQ and REST APIs

  • We’re mostly stateless, or we manage state in our platform. Where we need a database, we prefer PostgreSQL. For advanced functionality, we also operate a MongoDB cluster, and we like Redis too.

  • Everything we run is deployed in Kubernetes clusters to ensure reliability and scalability. Currently, we use AWS in three regions, but we are mostly cloud agnostic.

  • We operate quite a few lambda functions, our customers are able to customize the behavior of the product with just a few lines of code (Javascript or Python).

  • All configuration is persisted in Git and synchronized with all environments using GitOps tooling (flux). Terraform is our tool for managing infrastructure.

  • Prometheus and Grafana are used for monitoring, EFK stack for logs.

  • We use GitLab to host our repositories and run CI/CD pipelines.

About you

We are seeking senior software engineers with extensive experience and a willingness to apply their engineering knowledge to transform the way the world operates through technology.

Successful candidates typically possesses:

  • Strong experience in designing and building backend systems and APIs.

  • Product-oriented mindset always looking for understanding of customer needs.

  • Hands-on experience working with modern Python frameworks (Flask, FastAPI, Django), relational databases, noSQL databases, AWS, and Kubernetes to create scalable solutions.

  • Experience in overseeing services throughout their lifecycle, including monitoring, issue resolution, CI/CD pipelines, internal tooling, and automated tests.

  • Experience working in an agile environment to deliver impactful results.

  • Experience in architectural versatility embracing both monolithic and microservices architectures to tackle diverse challenges.

Personality traits we’re looking for:

  • Be passionate about your work. Focus on technical excellence and quality of the delivered solutions.

  • Happiness to help less experienced people learn.

  • Strong opinions, weakly held - You base your opinions on data, but don’t cling to it in the face of good arguments.

What we offer:

We are building a hyper-growth SaaS startup following the best Silicon Valley practices, in Prague.

  • Stock options plan

  • 5 weeks of vacation

  • 5 sick days

  • Flexible working hours, hybrid regime of work

  • Extra two weeks for paternity leave

  • High end laptop & other necessary tech

  • English & Czech language lessons on all levels

  • Multisports card to access sports facilities at any of 2,700 places in Czechia.