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Full Stack Product Engineer



Software Engineering, Product
Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2022

What help do we want?

You’ll help us build our SaaS-based anti-money laundering products. But it’s not just about building tech. You’re putting together the very technology that will catch the financial criminals that run rampant in today’s financial systems.

The kind of engineers that will thrive at Salv:

  • Move fast. To build, MVP, and test product-market fit.
  • Build-in flexibility. To make customer decisions and onboarding lightning fast.
  • Prioritise both high-performing and reliable. AML systems are critical for financial institutions. We can’t fail them.
  • Have both tech & product skills. Passionate about technology, product, and user experience.
  • Are great communicators. Strong soft skills and the ability to articulate complex and technical concepts to non-technical audiences.

A sneak peek into our tech stack:

  • Spring Boot 2 and Kotlin + Java 12+
  • React with Jest & React testing library/Enzyme
  • PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch
  • Docker
  • AWS

In a magical world, a bunch of these things would be true of you:

  • Know containerisation technology and various orchestration platforms e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos etc;
  • Have experience with AWS or other Cloud offerings
  • Understand test-driven development (TDD) and want to write tests
  • Have experience in distributed and concurrent systems, knowing the trade-offs between stateful/stateless and synchronous/asynchronous architectures
  • Understand horizontal scaling and experience with relevant technologies
  • Understand regulatory compliance and experience with Anti Money Laundering
  • Have experience with scaling PostgreSQL and/or ElasticSearch

What does success look like after 6 months?

You’ve built an end-to-end feature and own it throughout continuous improvement cycles.

You’ve implemented features related to anti-money laundering product like screening, sanctions checks & many others.