Backend Engineer



Software Engineering
London, UK
Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2024

At SeedLegals, we're on a mission to make legal work a breeze for startups and small businesses worldwide. Our tech-driven approach has already helped over 50,000 founders across the UK, France and Ireland close funding rounds, hire employees, and grant share options to their teams, to name just a few.

We're seeking talented backend developers to join one of our three scrum teams. You'll play a pivotal role in shaping team growth and developing our code base. Working alongside five engineers, a UX designer, and a Product Manager, you'll have the autonomy to drive innovation in areas like social investment features, document and workflow management, and legal template generation. Teams are managed from within and report directly to the CTO, so you'll be working alongside with your manager to solve technical problems.

This is a unique opportunity to gain extensive knowledge of the startup world, VC fundraising, investor tax schemes, and more. As you work on complex projects, you'll also gain invaluable domain knowledge that will prepare you for entrepreneurship yourself.

We're an international team of 17 developers from 12 countries, with a hybrid working model that allows for flexibility and collaboration. While each team meets fortnightly at our offices in Holborn to whiteboard, plan, and socialise, you'll also have the freedom to work remotely.