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Software Engineering
Posted on Monday, June 10, 2024
🇬🇧 In-person role (4 days in office, 1 from home), in London
💰 £80k - £100k + equity package

About Stackfix

About the role

We’re seeking an entrepreneurial engineer who will work closely with the founders to build and scale Stackfix’s software marketplace. This is full-stack, product engineering role with the additional ownership that comes with being our 2nd engineer. You'll play a fundamental role in shaping both the product and Stackfix as a company.
Who you are
You are first and foremost a builder. You have a track record of shipping products in a fast-paced environment.
You are driven by building fantastic product experiences - if something's not right in the product, it nags you.
You are fascinated by LLMs and are excited to build on top of them (but you don't need to have any prior LLM experience).
You are truly full-stack. You are equally comfortable working on client facing applications and back-office data processing jobs, as well as architecting and maintaining cloud infrastructure.
You thrive in a startup environment. You’re excited by the idea of speaking with customers in the morning and shipping features to solve their problems in the afternoon. You’re ok with priorities changing and you’re comfortable with risk.
You value working with people who are low ego, ambitious and pragmatic
You are comfortable figuring out how to build things you haven't built before.
You’re an excellent communicator. Both written and verbally.
You ideally have experience with most of the following: React (Next.js), Typescript, Python, Vercel, AWS, Docker, MySQL (Planetscale).
You are excited to work in-person from our office in London (80% of the time)
Some topics you’ll think about
Building performant, beautiful, and reliable software that our users trust, and enjoy using. Our competitors have UX that sucks, ours should delight.
Making software comparison and purchase more personalized using LLMs. You’ll be selecting models, chaining prompts, and understanding how to build a truly differentiated UX.
Designing real-time interactions: features like dynamic product display, personalized pricing, and multiplayer editing that will unlock a 10x better experience for our customers.
Architecting a new protocol for software comparison and purchase. This is a fast moving and complex domain - you’ll be figuring out the primitives on which software commerce is built.

What we offer

Competitive Salary & Significant Equity
New Macbook Pro
Central private office (WeWork, Holborn)
Work closely with experienced, repeat founders - Paddy & Camin

Our hiring process

We like to move quickly. For that reason, we follow a short, standardised process for all engineering roles. It’s designed to help us learn more about you and crucially, for you to discover if you’d like working with us.
Intro chat with Paddy (CEO). We’ll begin by having an informal discussion about your experiences, values, and career goals, and give you an opportunity to get a sense of the role and the team.
Technical discussion with Camin (CTO). We’ll dig into the things you’ve built and are building, the technical challenges you’ve overcome and discuss how we do engineering at Stackfix. You’ll have the chance to ask questions about our technical strategy, what we’re working on currently, and learn more about the technologies we use.
Paid work trial. The highest-signal thing we can do to learn if there is a mutual fit is to work together. We’ll invite you to our central London office to work with us (paid) for roughly 1/2 day. In some exceptional cases we might ask you to do a remote work assessment instead of an in-office trial. You’ll complete actual project work on your own laptop (not inverting a binary tree on a whiteboard). Feel free to ask questions and pair program, you’re our colleague for the day. We may also chat through a system design problem of actual relevance to Stackfix.
References. At this stage, we ask for references. We believe exceptional people are consistently exceptional, but we also appreciate humility. We want to learn where you’re world-class, where you have room to grow, and how we can provide the best environment for you to excel.
Offer. We’ll make you an offer and look forward to having you join us!
We aim to have this entire process done in less than 2 weeks but understand if scheduling is a challenge, so this isn’t a hard rule. The most important thing is that we both feel confident and excited to work together.

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We think amazing talent comes from all kinds of life journeys and experiences.
If what is written above speaks to you, whether you look like a fit on paper or not, please apply here. ~ Paddy & Camin