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Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2023

Software Engineer - Full-stack

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About Stotles

Our mission is to unlock the potential of business and government working better, together.
The partnership between business and government is vital in making our communities productive & cohesive, but inefficiency and bureaucracy is currently the norm. We are using a modern approach to change this.
Our SaaS platform gives businesses a clear view of opportunities to work with the public sector, and the tools needed to manage them. We are bringing together a massive amount of messy government data to bring clarity and transparency to a space that desperately needs it.
We've seen fantastic traction from industry leading customers such as Salesforce, Vodafone, Snowflake and Appian, and our growth trajectory is on the rise ​
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About this role

Comp. range: £55-70k salary with an additional options equity grant worth 30-50% of salary
Working in a small, cross-functional product team you will take part in all phases of product development: advising the product owner (our CPO Carsten) & lead designer on the technical aspects of planned features, designing architecture and discussing it with other engineers, implementing it and rolling out to users in production.
You will have opportunities to develop new features in our SaaS web application and its backing service infrastructure.
To give you some idea of the type of features we build, here are some that we’ve recently released:
Ingesting and visualising data about what government organisations are spending on.
Creating a clean database of all entities that take part in the public sector: think every government body and every private company that they ever worked with.
Integrations with external CRM systems, Slack, Teams, etc.
LLM powered tools for public sector - outreach generator & tender summarisation
Also see here for what we’ve released recently.
You will take part in designing & developing the software architecture of our platform suitable for future growth.
You will help us build a global public sector database by combining procurement data, news sources, government spend and planning information and many other data sources and develop a state-of-the-art search engine for this data.
You will work in an environment that encourages constant learning and growth, whether it’s trying out new technologies, sharing knowledge or best practices across the team or learning skills from other colleagues.

Our tech stack

Front-end written in TypeScript (we types!) using React and Ant Design components.
Some of the tools we heavily use are react-query & react-testing-library ​
We're transitioning our legacy Ruby on Rails web-app to a TypeScript backend using NestJS.
PostgreSQL is our main database but we use ElasticSearch for querying the procurement data.
We're currently running all of this on Kubernetes on AWS (all defined in Terraform).
Every change is reviewed and tested & later released using an automated process.
As we are always reviewing what tools we use you will be able to influence the technology choices we make for our frontend & backend architecture.
See more on our stackshare

What we're looking for

Skills we're looking for

3+ years of experience in a software engineering role
Experience with TypeScript or JavaScript
Experience with developing web UIs with React or similar technology
(Bonus) Knowledge of relational databases
(Bonus) Experience with applications running in the cloud and using modern DevOps tools

Qualities we're looking for

Effective communicator: Sharing complex ideas and presenting your work - both with to the engineering team and the wider Stotles team - is the core of our job.
Great at working with others, great at managing your time: As we’re a small team working on ambitious goals, effective teamwork is crucial. At the same time we expect everyone to manage their workload efficiently.
Focused on impact, not output: Always focused on the customer impact of what we’re building, using the best tool for the job and excited to learn new things in the process.
Ambitious curiosity: Eager to learn skills and technologies outside of your comfort zone, take ever more challenging tasks, and grow into a senior leadership role at Stotles.
Dependability & detail-oriented: Trusted to deliver on the commitments you make to the team, from the big picture results to the nuanced details.
Most important, we're looking for people that are curious, ambitious and love to learn new things, so if for any reason you don't fit our requirements but are passionate about our vision, don't hesitate to apply!

Stotles data in numbers


Procurement notices from UK & EU


UK government organisations


Government policy & strategy documents


Government contacts


Invoices published by the government bodies in UK


Government suppliers in UK & EU

Benefits and perks

Transparent and competitively benchmarked salaries
Equity dependent on experience
A generous health cash plan (Covers dental, optical, physical therapy, consultations, etc.)
A personal health, wellness, and development allowance of £130/month to spend on gym memberships, therapy, yoga classes... any experience that keeps your mind and body healthy.
25 days vacation + bank holidays
A dedicated learning and development budget you can use for books, conferences, courses, events
Office in Central London (Farringdon)
A hybrid working environment with 1-2 days in office and flexible work-from-home opportunities
A work-from-home setup budget of £400 you can use for these items: a keyboard, monitor, mouse, office chair, desk, headphones
Monthly affectionately-termed "TeamChills": our in-person team-bonding socials covering anything from mini-golf, to communal taco-eating and summer picnics

You at Stotles

Typical week of an engineer at Stotles
How you'll learn and grow

Next steps

A 15-20 minute intro call This is an informal chat so you can learn more about the company and the role and you can tell us more about yourself - your experience and what you want to achieve in the next role.
A 60 minute technical discussion (system design/no live coding) During this call with two other engineers, you will discuss a technical problem that is related to Stotles’ product domain.
A 2-3 hour technical take-home task You will be given access to a small full-stack JS/TS codebase. You will have to make changes to an existing frontend & backend that displays procurement data. You can complete the task at your own pace and time - we only ask you to send back the git repo with the code.
A 60 minute discussion of your solution In this call you will discuss your submission with two other engineers and Carsten, our CPO and one of the co-founders. We will talk about your coding decisions and possible extensions of the app both from the technical and product/UX point of view.
A 60 minute background & critical thinking interview with the co-founders
Note: The most important thing is that we get to know each other, so we may tweak the process candidate-to-candidate. Regardless, we'll get back to you at most a week after your interviews clearly outlining next steps.
Please reach out to if any questions or comments.